26200 NYS Route 3
Watertown, NY 13601

"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel..." Mark 16:15

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Watertown Baptist Temple is an Independent Baptist Church located just outside of the city of Watertown, New York (near Fort Drum, NY).  Our church is easily accessible from either Watertown, Fort Drum, or neighboring towns such as Carthage, Lowville, Philadelphia, Sacket's Harbor, Adams, as well as other small towns in our vicinity.  Our church facilities are located on a 10 acre river front plot on Route 3 between Watertown and Black River, NY. 


We are an autonomous local church which means we govern ourselves and support ourselves with the Lord's guidance and help.  We do not have a governing denomination or organization that dictates what we do with our church.  We are completely autonomous.  We are led by our Pastor, Dewey Stewart III as well as Assistant Pastor Chad LaVere, with our head being the Lord Jesus Christ.  Pastor Stewart has been pastoring here since July 31, 2009.  Assistant Pastor Chad LaVere has been here since June 12, 2017.


The King James Bible is our sole authority for all faith and practice.  Our emphasis is preaching!  We aim to be a witness both in the public arena as well as from house to house.  We accomplish this through our weekly street preaching/evangelism and door-to-door witness.  We also aim to be a witness wherever we go!  We currently support 20 of the best missionaries on the home/foreign fields in effort to fulfill the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ.


It is our prayer and aim to be a blessing to you in any way we possibly can.  God bless you and we hope that you'll consider visiting Watertown Baptist Temple.